Eastern Districts Women's Tennis Association (EDWTA) organises ladies' doubles inter-club competitions in the eastern districts of Melbourne.

Matches are played on Wednesday morning. Official starting time is 10am or at a time mutually agreed upon.

A team consists of four women. Two courts are required for each match.

A match consists of 6, first to 8 game sets of ladies' doubles. The match is decided on games. If the games are equal, then on sets, if the games and sets are equal, the match shall be declared a draw.

Season 1: starts in February and ends early June. Team entry closes in the previous November for Season 1.

Season 2: starts mid-July and ends in November. Team entry closes in May for Season 2.

WPTC has two teams participating in the EDWTA competition. Please contact one of our Mid-Week Reps or willison.park@gmail.com if you are interested in playing in the EDWTA competiion.