Contact Information


All correspondence should be addressed to:
The Secretary
Willison Park Tennis Club
PO Box 409
Camberwell VIC 3124

Clubhouse telephone: 9889 1001
The club telephone is provided for local calls and is run on an honor system. The cost of a call is 40 cents. Please enter the spirit of paying for your calls so this service can continue to be provided.

Executive Committee 2017/18

President David Cox 0401 719 227
Vice President
Treasurer Rowena Donaghy 0417 360 600
Membership Secretary
Junior Convenor Daniel Watts 0497 066 299
General Executive
Committee Members
Jan Slater 0434 142 391
  John Filippou 0455 535 888

All committee members are available to answer members' queries. The committee members can also raise any issues or suggestions to the executive committee. The committee meets bi-monthly on the second Wednesday of the month.


Phone 0438 722 610 or

Annette Sheppard, Head Coach

Night Tennis

John Filippou
Phone: 0455 535 888