May 2017

Maintenance: (Thanks to Ross Davies for this effort)

  • A new latch set on the front gate has been installed and hopefully we will now have some error free operation for a little while! Please DO NOT prop the front gate open - this practice damages the mechanism and leads to exactly the kind of problem we have been experiencing.
  • A weather-resistent padlock has been put onto the roller-door of the storage shed to lower the chance of dirt and court clay getting into the lock cylinder.< If you use the storage shed for any reason, when you replace the lock, make sure that the key slot cover is clipped into place. Thank-you.
  • The 6 on-court drainage pits have been dug out.
  • Line sweeper brooms. Six tubes, attached to the 6 court net posts, have been installed to stow the line sweeping brooms. Please get into the habit of using them!.
  • 4 new on-court bubbler (drinking) taps have been installed.
  • Lastly, you may have noticed that the grass is getting a bit long. The club received an email from Danny (Mow & Grow) explaining some knee problems he has been having and his inability the attend to his clients. We are happy to continue to support his business. He intends to deal with our long grass very shortly.

    Congratulations to Carla, the sole Victorian representative in the Australian team for para-athletes with an intellectual disability. The team competed in the INAS World Tennis Championships in UK in April. Representatives from Tennis Victoria came to Willison Park in late March to present Carla with her uniform and a cheque for $1,000 to support her efforts. Teammates from her Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday teams were there to congratulate her.

    Carla won gold in the doubles, bronze in the mixed doubles, and came fifth in singles.